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This clinical investigation aims to assess the safety and performance of Compedica’s OptiPulse™ (also known as PulseFlowDF™). Also, to collect subject outcome data on the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) versus Standard of Care (SOC). OptiPulse™ is designed to enhance blood circulation in the venules and arterioles. Are you interested to participate in medical trials in Los Angeles? Click the “apply here” button.


The purpose of this clinical evaluation is to collect patient outcome data on a commercially available 510K FDA cleared synthetic, absorbable skin substitute matrix. The commercially available product is MIRRAGEN™ Advanced Wound Matrix and consists of a borate-based bioactive glass fiber and particulate,
versus Standard of Care (SOC). 


This clinical trial is being conducted to determine if SkinTE can substantially increase the wound healing trajectory of DFUs. Therefore, collection of human outcomes data is necessary to quantify this effect under controlled conditions. In this conditions, study subjects are treated with one application of SkinTE plus SOC, or SOC alone. 


The primary objective is to demonstrate the superiority of ziltivekimab 15 mg s.c. once-monthly in reducing the risk of MACE (as defined by the primary endpoint) compared to placebo. Both treatments are added to standard of care, in participants with established ASCVD, CKD and systemic inflammation. Join medical trials in Los Angeles today!


To evaluate the efficacy of tradipitant relative to placebo in change from baseline to Week 12 in daily nausea severity scores.


 The primary objective of this study is to assess the ability of CIN-102 to significantly decrease the severity of gastroparesis-related symptoms as compared to baseline in adult subjects with diabetic gastroparesis, , compared to placebo.