Leading the Way in Diabetes, Wound Care, Cardiovascular and Nephrology Research

Angel City Research, Inc. is a multi-specialty CRO clinical research group located in the heart of Los Angeles.

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Trusted Partner in CRO Clinical Research

Our mission, under the direction of our Principal Investigator, Dr. Felix Sigal, is to conduct CRO clinical research trials with the highest level of scientific rigor and ethical standards to advance the development of safe and effective medical treatments. We strive to provide excellent patient care, to foster collaboration between healthcare providers, and to contribute to the body of medical knowledge through innovative research.


We strive to maintain open communication with our Sponsors, patients and the broader medical community to promote transparency and trust. The goal of Angel City Research is to contribute to the development of new treatments and therapies that will ultimately benefit patients worldwide through high-quality CRO clinical research.

Speciality in Areas of Research

We research treatments for all disorders suffered by diabetic patients, 
with a special interest in the following areas.

Diabetes-related Disorders

Cardiovascular Outcomes

Wound Care

Nephrology Disorders

Gastrointestinal Disorders

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Our Research Team

Our Principal Investigator and Sub-Investigators

Dr. Felix Sigal - principal investigator

The research team is led by our esteemed Principal Investigator, Dr. Felix Sigal. He is a dedicated clinician and thought-leader with over 20 years of clinical experience. Our team includes valued colleagues who support research efforts as Sub-Investigators.

Our Partners in Research

We are equipped with the experience, expertise and facility to meet the individual needs of each sponsor and research protocol.

Sponsor Testimonials

Hear from our sponsors about their experience with us.

Nikolai Sopko

Chief Scientific Officer & VP R&D, PolarityTE

We have worked with Dr. Sigal and his team at Angel City Research in all three of our randomized controlled trials evaluating chronic wounds including our current pre-market pivotal RCT for BLA approval. They have consistently been one of our top enrolling sites and produce high quality data, which we have successfully used to open our IND and receive RMAT designation. Dr. Sigal and the Angel City Research team are professional, timely, and courteous and a pleasure to work with.

Jill Boertlein

Senior Clinical Trial Manager, Peri

I was pleasantly surprised at the level of responsiveness and cooperation they displayed in working together to get the study up and running. Dr. Sigal’s site staff is always polite, engaging and easy to work with to reach a common goal. It’s truly a delight to work with them.

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