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Auditing, Reporting and Analytics, Record-keeping as the backbone of your global trade compliance process.

Watchlist Screening

Screen customers, vendors, suppliers, and on-site visitors for global sanctions compliance using multi-language fuzzy search algorithms.

Classification of Goods

Utilize AI and NLP for product classification, manage ECCN, ML, HS/Tariff classifications, and streamline internal processes for consistent and compliant product classification decisions.

Export Automation

Automate export processes: Screen orders for compliance, manage licenses, integrate with ERP systems, generate shipping documents, liaise with logistics providers, and file global export declarations.

License Acquisition & Management

Efficiently handle license acquisition, including validation, submission, and management. Implement rigorous internal release procedures, automate transaction tracking, and ensure compliance with government regulations, including reporting.

License Determination

Determine licenses by screening orders against global export controls, military restrictions, and exceptions. Leverage native-language global trade data for effective governance

Tech Data Export Automation

Automate tech data exports: Screen recipients, manage tangible and intangible transfers, log exports, handle U.S. re-export controls, and configure document controls based on permissions.

Import Automation

Automate imports: Identify country-specific controls, screen for ADD/CVD, manage entry filings, integrate with ERP systems for data, and calculate landed costs and preferential rates.

Incident Reporting/Voluntary Disclosure

Handle incident reporting: Assess reports, address compliance issues, provide corrective actions, oversee compliance teams, and track investigations in response to government agencies.